Horse Box

Are you looking for a full bar solution for your event? 


We have a few large bar options for you to choose from. These bars are where we started this business and we love them as they offer the full experience! Our larger bars hold 100+ gins (or cocktail options) and a full bar service so that all your guests' drink requests are covered in one hit. 


These bar options are great for larger weddings, corporate events or  bigger parties. As with all our services you will get a bespoke offering in terms of how we stock the bar and we will tailor the experience to your exact requirements - we can name drinks after you, add your favourite fruits to the gins and stock the grooms favourite beer- a really personalised experience for your special event. 


The horsebox was our first ever bar, built by us and we love this bar, it offers a lovely rustic, down to earth but personalised feel to any event.  

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Rustic Bar

The Rustic popup bar also offers 100+ gins, cocktails and the full service bar option. This bar  works really well inside or outside a venue. Another popular choice for large weddings, parties and corporate events.