Our Story

Hannah has worked in events and marketing all of her working life and when Teddy came along nearly four years ago, they wanted to create a business that was flexible around their family life! With that in mind, after a couple of G&T's one night, they came up with the idea to create a gin bar! 

Ollie who works in insurance by day said that he would create a bar from a horsebox. Hannah couldn't believe what he created - it was beautiful!

So impressive in fact that 6 months after the horse box was made she put him to work on creating a rustic pop up bar, a lemonade shack and during COVID we even managed another horesbox! 

The Gin Inn has been up and running since May 2018, bringing fun and originality to a wide range of events, including weddings, local events, garden parties and corporate events.

Ollie and Hannah wholeheartedly believe in offering the best service and making sure the bar is something that impresses at an event. With over 90 different gins to choose from and gin experts that can talk you through the gins helping your find your new favourite - The Gin Inn is always a winner! 

For us, being a small business ourselves supporting local is so important to us. 
We love local so wherever possible, we favor the use of local brands of Gin. They often have a great story to tell and we love to share our gin obsessions and local hidden treasures with your guests as we serve them up their favourite tipple

Hannah Jackson


I’ve worked in events since I finished university and my love for Gin has been flourishing for almost as long. Since becoming a mum to Teddy , I’ve realised life is about cramming in as much as you can, based on each and everything that you love. This is when the Gin Inn was born - teaming together my passion for events and Gin.  Starting up our own adventure has allowed me to share my love of these things each and every day.


Favourite Gin: Six Dogs Blue paired with Elderflower Tonic and Rose Petals 



07854 141890   |   hannah@thegininn.co.uk
Ollie Jackson

Having been with Han for 13 years, I knew that when The Gin Inn idea was born I knew she would keep me on my toes and keep us busy so with the idea of The Gin Inn coming together in January - I knew I had to get to work quickly! I built the bar in just five months and most of which I did myself - roping in some of my friends from time to time! When it comes to being at the events whilst Hannah is the key to ensuring a successful event, I'm the known mixologist coming up with exciting and new inspired cocktails.


Favourite Gin: Hendricks!



07540 012773   |   ollie@thegininn.co.uk