Our Story

Would you like to know more about who is taking care of the Gin Inn, & how we came about to have this idea, here it is… 

Hannah and Ollie, husband and wife, came up with the idea of the Gin Inn (over a cocktail one evening). When they were looking for fun and inventive business ideas that fitted their new found family life & fulfilled their love for socialising, people & drinking their favourite tipple. 

Hannah has a background in events and marketing & Ollie works in insurance, but it is safe to say the bars they have developed in the last 4 years have become their pride and joy. 


It all started with a horse box that Ollie picked up one afternoon and now he designs and creates every bar himself, from rustic old boxes and shacks to beautiful Gin Bars fit for a wedding day!

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It is safe to say he has blown Hannah away with his handy work and she has put him to the test over the years with all her creative ideas. 


They believe the success of the Gin Inn isn’t down to the 100’s of Gins on offer, their knowledge in mixology or even their passion behind the bars they have developed but it is in the atmosphere they bring to every event. 


The business is rooted in the service the Gin Inn experience offers, as they aim to offer a fun, loving, memorable time for everyone at the event. Both Hannah and Ollie love a good time and that shines through everything the Gin Inn offers. 


As a small business supporting local is at the forefront of our values and we aim to support local businesses whenever possible. We favour the use of local brands of Gin & they often have a great story to tell.