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10 Holiday Spirits...and Cocktails!

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Oh my gosh! Christmas is nearly upon us! All the Halloween and firework craziness is out of the way and it won’t be long until we start seeing those twinkly lights in windows. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some Christmas adverts on TV already! So, what better way to celebrate than trying some cheeky Crimbo inspired gins and cocktails? I thought you might agree!

Cranberry Gin Cocktail

Cranberries, they’re not just for your Christmas dinner! This juicy, winter berry can also be used in drinks, more specifically, gin-based drinks (insert wink here!) And they just happen to be in this oh so yummy cocktail! A fun, simple little recipe that mixes cranberry juice, lemon juice, and of course, gin! We recommend Hendricks as its slightly fruity undertones go well with the cranberries. You can find the full recipe here.

If you’re really into your cranberries, why not try this little gem, Under the Mistletoe? Hand these out and you could be in for a smooch!

Negroni with a Twist

We love a Negroni. Bitter, yet warming, they certainly go down a treat! How about trying Edinburgh Christmas Gin this year to really get into that festive mood? Recipe for a simple Negroni is just the same as ever, only with this gin, you also get hints of Frankincense and Myrrh. Honestly, what could be more Christmassy?

Our local gins are awesome, and we love supporting them. One of our favourites is Silent Pool gin, from the heart of Surrey. With its soft floral notes and fresh citrusy overtones, it can make the perfect cocktail. Take a quick look at their Winter Mule for a bit of cheeky Yule goodness!

Another one of our local favourites is good old Brockman’s gin. For a fun and fruity festive combo with just the right amount of heat, try the Brockman’s Fiery Side. You can thank us later!

Opihr Gin

If ever there was a gin that screams Christmas, this is it! Opihr gin is full of spice and warmth, from the black pepper, cardamom and ginger to the bitter orange notes. Paired with ginger ale, you create the perfect combination with lots of spice! Try the Gin Buck and you’ll see what we mean!

If it’s bubbles that you are after for a Crimbo kick, look no further than this Sipsmith gin cocktail. The French 75 is simple but combined with lemon juice and topped with Champagne, packs a fresh, citrusy punch. Maybe an alternative to your Christmas morning Bucks Fizz?

Candy Cane

The prettiest gin we’ve ever seen! This beautiful ruby red gin is the epitome of its namesake, sweet, with hints of peppermint. With subtle fruity hints, it is the ultimate fun drink to enjoy with your friends at a Christmas party. Or, if you fancy a little indulgence, why not add some to your hot chocolate as Eden Mill suggests? Don’t worry, we won’t tell Santa!

Mulled Gin

Mix a generous serving of sloe gin with some hot, cloudy apple. A sprinkling of cinnamon and some slices of juicy orange to garnish and you can relax and warm yourself up on these cold, dark nights. Best recommended in front of a roaring fire, but the telly will do!

Drunk Jack Frosties

Beg Pardon? This humorous little cocktail doesn’t contain gin, but it’s still fun! Combining vodka, (maybe Silent Pool?) blue curacao and champagne amongst other things, this will definitely bring you some festive cheer!

So, what do you reckon to all these beauties? Tempted? Have you already tried any? If so, lets us know in the comments what you thought!

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