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5 Major Reasons why YOU NEED a Gin Bar at your Wedding

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

And it’s all over for another year! Christmas and New year that is. We hope you had a good one!

So, we are in January, the month for resolutions, goals, healthy eating plans and diets. It’s also the time for planning the biggest day of your life, those of you who got engaged over the festive season. Congratulations to you! It’s obviously a very exciting time for you but it can also be super stressful, right? Finding a wedding venue, planning the ceremony, researching the décor. Then you have to book the florist, the entertainment, the caterer. Planning a wedding seems a never ending list of things to do and the things we have just mentioned isn’t even the half of it!

With the Gin Inn, you can tick a couple of things of that list straightaway. But you’re just a gin bar, we hear you say. Yes but this gin bar can certainly take some stress from your day. Let us explain now 5 reasons you need a mobile gin bar at your wedding.

Everything Except the Booze

So, you have the venue booked and the deposit paid and you think that’s that bit sorted, right? What about the drinks? Believe it or not, the bar is a separate facility in a lot of venues and doesn’t get included automatically! That’s even if there is a bar at the venue in the first place! Now, as a common courtesy we would assume that the venue owner will bring up the topic of what you and your guests will drink, but what if they don’t? Enter the Gin Inn! Yes, we are predominantly a gin bar, but we carry alcohol suitable for a fully stocked bar too, along with all mixers, garnishes and fruit juice for the little ones too!

Licensing and Corkage

Ahh those boring but necessary little factors. One, a legality, the other, a particularly unwanted expense. Anywhere selling alcohol must have a licence to do so and if your venue doesn’t have this, you cannot provide alcohol to people unless it’s for free. Don’t worry though! There is such a thing as a Temporary Events Notice (TEN). There are conditions on which this license can be granted but we can apply for one on your behalf, should the need arise for it.

So, corkage? Irritating, we know but there it is. We at the Gin Inn bring all of the alcohol needed and there is absolutely no corkage fee! We charge according to our hire packages and per drink, not a penny more!

Bespoke for you

Whether it’s gin, vodka or prosecco, we are here for you! We go with what you want at your wedding, so if that is a prosecco bar for your reception, with a cocktail hour serving espresso martinis, that is what we shall provide! We even have little prosecco ladders to add that little bit of extra quaint charm to your décor.

Friendly and Fun

We don’t just stand there propping up the bar! Gosh no! We love to take part in making sure you and your guests have the very best time. We will be there toasting you, entertaining you, laughing and crying with you!

The Extra Mile

As well as customizing our drinks selection for you, we love to fit right in with your themes and décor. If you’re having a Gatsby themed wedding reception, we’ll be there with our glamorous bar, decked out in braces and bow ties, full Gatsby style!

We also have a ‘text for gin’ service where you and your wedding guests can text your drink orders and receive them straight to your table whenever you want! This is such a fun thing, especially when your favourite tune is playing and you want to get on that dance floor and boogie, not wait in a queue at the bar!

How about a special drink named after you? Yes, we do that too! Paying for a tab but don't want it to get out of hand? No problem! We have fun ways of ensuring your tabs last that little bit longer. For example, dice games! If they roll a 6, you pay and vice versa. Really gets the party started.

These are just some of the fun things we offer! Click the link below to find out what else we can do for you!

So, what do you reckon to having a mobile gin bar at your wedding? Tempted? Give us a call, you honestly will thank us!

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