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Can Gin be Your Valentine?

Hearts and flowers in shops everywhere. Big cuddly toys and giant heart shaped helium balloons are bursting out of shop windows enticing those loved up couples in. Netflix is filling up with gushing rom-coms and wherever you look, there is red and pink EVERYWHERE! Yes, whether we like it or not, Valentine’s Day is descending upon us! So, are you loving it, or not so much?

Whether you do or you don’t, there is one true love we can all absolutely agree on. Gin! And as we are coming up to the day of love, what better way to enjoy a nice gin than to pair it with up something yummy that will bring out just how special it is? Even better, how about we throw in some fruity gin cocktail ideas to get you in that lovin’ mood? Let’s get down to it!

Sign saying love is like a bottle of gin

Silent Pool

Let’s start with some firm favourites, shall we? We at the Gin Inn love to support our local distilleries as you know, and you really can’t get more local than Silent Pool Gin. A beautifully floral gin, whose name originated from the Silent Pool spring water with which it is made. There are lots of floral toned botanicals in this gin, from chamomile and bergamot, to kaffir lime leaf and cassia bark. It is recommended by the Gin Guide that this gin is enjoyed best in a Gin and Tonic and garnished with simple orange peel.

Because of the complex floral tones in Silent Pool, we agreed to let it shine in a just a simple G & T! Sometimes, you just can’t improve on perfection!


Another local! We love this gin because of its especially fruity tones with notes of blueberries, blackberries and a touch of citrus. It is suggested to meet those notes with either a garnish of blueberries or a citrusy peel such as grapefruit. Definitely a gin for those that like drinks with a fruity twist!

As we are in the month for lurve, we totally recommend the Brockmans Burlesque cocktail. A cheeky little naughty but nice tipple to enjoy with your lover on a hot date or curled up cozy at home. Get the recipe here.