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Get GINspired for Christmas!

Well, we are getting to that time of year again. The dreaded Christmas! Well, dreaded for some, we happen to love Christmas, especially now we have a happy and excited toddler in the house. It’s going to be a fun couple of months, filled with visits to Santa, putting up lots of decorations and getting into the Christmas spirit.

Talking of gin, (See what I did there?), we thought we would give you some hints and ideas to get you into that festive feeling.

Christmas Parties

Ok, so these are done, pretty much by everyone. Family parties, children’s parties, adult only parties, etc. Even your office Christmas party! You’ve got the music, the food, the mistletoe, where there is normally the dodgy looking dude from accounts hanging around on the off chance. You get the idea. So, how about a gin bar at your Crimbo party? Full of fun and unique tasting gins for all your colleagues or family and friends to try! Or, how about just a fully stocked mobile bar for all your grown-up drink whims? Straight to your home or office or wherever you may be holding your festive gathering! If you’re in charge of organising it this year, give us a call!