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How to Throw the Best Lockdown Wedding with The Gin Inn

We’ve all been waiting for lockdown guidelines to relax enough to allow weddings again. Thankfully, in June, our prayers were answered and weddings, albeit small, were able to go ahead once again.

Good news this may well be, however the type of wedding receptions we are all used to are now sadly a thing of the past. For the time being, we can only celebrate our nuptials with our very closest friends and family, and only in limited numbers even then. So, how do you hold such a small wedding and still make it a day to remember? Worry not, because we at The Gin Inn have some ideas up our sleeves!

Make it Micro

Micro Weddings have really come into their own for 2020. Their popularity was increasing in late 2019, but now, with lockdown guidelines in place, the micro wedding is really the only way to get married. Obviously, the way it works is in the name: micro wedding. It is possible to have your dream day, but on a small scale, as the name suggests. It is quite acceptable to have a social distanced wedding ceremony in a lot of venues right now with up to 30 people. That means you can have your bridal party if you still want it and you’ll still be able to say ‘I do’ in front of your loved ones, the only issue is, you need to be strict with your numbers!

Party at Home

Why hire out a venue for only a small amount of people when you can celebrate at home? Now, we don’t recommend for one minute that you have up to 30 wedding guests inside your house currently, in fact we definitely advise against it! However, summer is in full swing and if you have a decent sized garden, why not take things alfresco? You can serve food, drink, and hire out entertainment as long as it’s outside and the weather is fine! How about a late afternoon/early evening barbeque? Designate the chief barbeque-r, whether it’s you, your spouse, or one of your guests, and they will be in charge of getting some yummy food out. Because your wedding will be on a smaller scale, you could even splash out on some help, whether it be with cooking the food or just serving it. It’s your wedding, get fancy!

Let us Entertain you

A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without some good fun and entertainment! If you’re trying to keep costs low, whip out the karaoke mac