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Let's Talk About Gin!

So, we know that gin is now everyone’s favourite tipple, but things started our very differently for this spirit! We thought as we love all things gin, that we would see what we could find out about it. Don’t worry! We’re not going to turn this into a boring history lesson -yawn, just thought we would give you a brief overview! There are a few facts that are quite interesting.

Bottle of Hendrick's gin with candle
Photo by Bundo Kim on Unsplash

Medicinal Madness

When it was first produced by the Dutch in the 16th century, Gin, or Genever, as it was known then was created by distilling a type of wine with certain herbs. Juniper berries were added because it apparently tasted pretty foul. This concoction was originally made to cure most ailments, mainly digestive issues such as gallstones and stomach complaints. Not sure if it worked but you know what to do next time you have belly ache! If you can stomach it of course! (Sorry).

Dutch Courage

It was then said that during the 30 Year War, which came next, the British soldiers fighting alongside the Dutch, enjoyed a nice shot or two of Gin before going into battle. It was said to make them feel calmer and more courageous, hence the term! Bet you didn’t know that’s where it came from!

Gin Craze

It was so popular with British soldiers, that they brought it back to England with them. From then, it became ‘the thing’ to drink by the lower class, in fact, that period became known now as the ‘Gin Craze’. Gin was cheaper than beer at this time and so people even started distilling it in their homes!

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