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Lockdown Ginspiration

Are you feeling stuck and bored on lockdown? Wondering what to do with yourself? Well, how about some fun things to do at home with your favourite tipple? These are some of our favourite activities that we have managed to gincorporate into our lockdown lethargy!

two glasses of cocktails
Photo by Cody Chan on Unsplash

Boozy but Refreshing

With all this glorious weather we are getting, why wouldn't you want a fun icy version of your favourite drink? Gin and tonic ice lollies! A combination of yummy gin and tonic in a frozen sweet treat that will cool you right down! Great for an afternoon in the garden with a good book. Plus, you can freeze in what ever garnishes take your fancy! We’ve been looking for some easy recipes and we think you will love this one! Enjoy!

Ping Pong with a Twist of Gin

Have you ever played beer pong? Well, it’s the very same concept here! Simply put shots of your favourite gin in your cups, set them out securely into triangles and start tossing those ping pong balls into your opponent’s cups! If your ball lands in their cup they have to drink the shot. The aim of the game is to clear all your opponent’s cups. You can get a great version of gin pong right here. We don’t recommend any operating of heavy machinery after this game though!

Casino Night