We are back

Weddings are officially back on! It has been one heck of a year, but we have come back bigger and stronger than before. Does anyone else feel like they need to make up for things they have missed out on?

Ollie and I are excited to announce that we have extended our business so we can make more people happy.

What services do we offer?

Our original horsebox – can cater larger parties and comes as either just a gin bar (by just we mean 90 gins) or a full bar.

Our new smaller horsebox – perfect for events big and small. Comes as either a gin bar with 15 gins or as a full bar.

Pop up lemonade shacks – we now have 2 of these, catering for parties ranging from big to small, comes with a huge range of gins and we can do cocktails too. We can also arrange for you to have our prosecco ladder which has room for 24 glasses (included) and it comes with or without the prosecco. We also have a wheelbarrow that comes with this which makes a great alternative to an ice bucket.